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Frequently Asked Questions

Why sell to Benchmarq?
Selling to Benchmarq gives you the security of knowing your home is under contract with a competitive offer and closed within days. Typical situations include relocation, estates and inherited property, out of town owners, and folks who just don’t want to do repairs or wait through months of showings, appraisals, open houses, or the surprises that can come with selling your home on the market.
• No commissions or fees
• No repairs
• No monthly mortgage payments, taxes, or insurance on a vacant home.
• No more maintenance or upkeep like mowing, landscaping, or snow removal.

What will my offer be like?
In a typical transaction, a seller lists a home, pays commissions, transfer taxes, deals with showings, waits for offers, and likely deals with homes inspections, making repairs, appraisal issues, and waiting for the buyer to get a mortgage.
A Benchmarq offer is a straight forward cash offer for your home. No fees, no appraisals, and no aggravation. We physically inspect every property, evaluate the as-is and possible future repaired value, then make an offer.

How does Benchmarq make money?
There are two ways we make a profit;
1. We renovate and improve a property making it more valuable.
2. We Buy properties at less than retail value because the property needs repairs, is dated, and we assume the risk from the seller for the market, costs, commissions, and surprises.

Who sells to Benchmarq?
Some examples of typical sellers are;
• Found your Dream Home – You’ve thought of buying a home for a while and suddenly you found it. The problem is that you need to have your current home sold in order to buy the next.
• Owner of a Vacant home – It costs a lot of money to own a vacant home. Insurance, mortgage payments, taxes, upkeep, etc. It can cost $1,000 – $3,000/month to carry the cost of a vacant home. If it takes 8 months to get it sold, those costs can be well over $10,000 plus repairs, commissions, and more.
• Relocation – You just got the perfect job in another state and you need to move your family in 60 days and buy another home.
• Estate or Inherited Home – You’ve inherited a home but you don’t have the time or patience to oversee repairs and all the updates that are needed.
• Life Changes – Whether it’s a move to a retirement community, a family emergency that requires a quick move, or some other surprise, an immediate sale is the solution you want.